About us

About us

Gtek corporation is a professional electronics components trading company, with many years of experience. we have gained reputation and developed potential in industrial electronics components.

Gtek Corporation stocks broad array of SMD actives and SMD semiconductor product lines. The company specializes in a wide variety of passives from 0201 to 2512 size chip resistors, 0201 size to 2225 size chip capacitors, Chip tantalums from A case to V case, chip inductors from 0402 to 1812.SMD semi -conductors of SOT 23, SMA, SMB, SMC, D pack, D2 PACK, SMD ICs, of SOT 353,SOIC, SSOP packages etc.,

Company principles
Keep promise, good quality good service, fair pricing to our customers mutual benefit and growth.

Product range
Smd resistors, smd capacitors, smd LEDs, smd diodes, smd transistors, smd ics, smd bridge rectifier diode, smd zener diodes, smd mosfets, smd chip capacitors, smd crytals, smd tantalum capacitors, smd electrolytic capacitors, smd chip inductor and dip components etc.

Products quality
All components are from reputed world famous manufacturers. therefore. the quality is assured. gtek corporation sets a high target to provide better service, a quick response to our customer and build a mutual beneficial relationship with our customer. guarantee our quality and ensure your satisfaction.